ALL Leukemia

Breakthrough Therapy

ALL Leukemia Breakthrough Treatment is reaching 
wider circles with success! 
To read more about these exciting results in the New York Times, Click here


Click the link above to read about a new breakthrough treatment, funded for years by Leukemia & Lymphoma Society which Megan's Wings has been supporting a $10,000 Research Grant for ALL Leukemia with for the last 5 years. It warms my heart to hear our fundraising efforts have helped in the development of a new personalized immunotherapy treatment, fast tracked by the FDA (which I've been told rarely happens) to help difficult resistant relapsed ALL patients, when no other treatments are working. Megan was one of these ALL Leukemia kids who had relapsed, resistant Leukemia and her disease was not responding to any treatment. After a bone marrow transplant failed, there was no other options for our little girl 11 years ago. This breakthrough treatment was 1st shared about a year ago (Fire vs Fire video on youtube) with 10 initial patients, all on their deathbeds, with no other treatment options available. This new article shares the success of phase 2- a 2nd larger test group (30 patients), 25 were children, the majority achieving full remission. It is such great news to hear that they are able to reproduce the good results beyond the initial small test group making the success real and soon available in other major hospitals and cancer centers. I thank God there is now something for these relapsed difficult cases like Megan, who had no other options. I am so thankful our donations to LLS may have helped play a small part in bringing this treatment to these relapsed patients. We will always have a heavy heart that something like this wasn't available yet for Megan 11 years ago, but it is so comforting to know our hard work and efforts over the years are helping other families who may not lose their child because of this new personalized immunotherapy option.