Monthly Aid


Monthly assistance is available to childhood cancer families who receive treatment at a Southern California Hospital, and the family is experiencing extreme financial difficulty paying bills (medical or household), due to loss of income or other situations directly resulting from their child's cancer which have adversely affected their financial well being and ability to pay their bills. This could include but not limited to: parent/s taking time off work to care for their sick child, increased expenses resulting from their child's treatment, and increased travel or lodging needs related to their child's treatment. A medical social worker should submit the application on the family's behalf.Megan's Wings will review the request & reply within 48-72 hrs. If need is immediate, please contact us at (909) 532-8135 asap.  Information provided on the application will be kept confidential, and used only by Megan's Wings to determine need. For rent or mortgage payment assistance is being requested, a copy of the rental agreement or a letter from the landlord justifying rent is required. Social worker must justify the need for monthly assistance vs one time assistance on the application. After completing the application, please email support documentation to or fax to (909) 942-6808.

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Megan’s Wings was founded in January 2005 in memory of 9 yr old Megan Savage who lost her Leukemia battle on April 2nd, 2003. During Megan’s 2 1/2 yr struggle with cancer, the Savage family met other families struggling to cope financially and emotionally. It’s often necessary for a parent to cut back hours at work or one parent quit work to care for their sick child. Money eventually runs short to pay the bills & expenses increase such as gas expense for numerous appointments and hospital stays, phone calls to family, meals away from home, increased medical bills. Treatment often stretches into years with relapse, making it difficult to recover financially, even with savings. It is our wish to help ease the financial burden and foster hope through caring so families can concentrate on their sick child.

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