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Prayers for Khloe

Khloe is a sweet spunky 11 year old who has been receiving therapy for progressive neuroblastoma for many years. She has received treatment at several Southern California Hospitals most recently with CHLA. Khloe's smile can light up a room and her mother has left no stone unturned to find the best treatment options for Khloe. Her family has experienced great financial hardship as they had been residing in Barstow far from any children's cancer hospital. The parents have worked on and off, however currently neither is able to work due to Khloe's health condition. Megan's Wings has supported the family for many years, most recently with transportation and moving expenses, as they relocate closer to family for emotional and financial support during difficult times. Please keep Khloe and her family in your prayers as they transition to their new home with Khloe's grandmother.

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