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Corporate Partner

If you own a business or work for a big company who might be interested in partnering with Megan's Wings to help the most vulnerable childhood cancer families thrive, we are looking for you. Due to fundraising event disruptions the last two years, we have shifted away from Event Sponsorships to Program Partnerships to securely fund our programs and keep them running smoothly. Program partners commit to make a one-time or annual donation to Megan's Wings that directly funds our Financial Aid and Support Service Programs. We want pediatric cancer families to know they can count on the financial and emotional support that Megan's Wings provides, and we can do this better with solid partnerships that are not independent of events. We are looking for businesses willing to make this commitment to Megan's Wings in place of attending an event, so our Patient Aid, Monthly Aid, Gas Assistance, Birthday Club & Mentor Connection Programs can continue providing the critical services families of children with cancer depend on. Click below to learn how your business can partner with us today.

Host a Fundraiser
Monthly Giving

Host a fundraiser

Does your organization, group or business like to foster giving among your employees or members? Consider hosting a small fundraiser like a Friday Jeans Day, Spaghetti Dinner, Bunco, Golf Tournament, Texas Hold'em Tournament, or Gas Card/Kids Gift Card Drive to benefit families right in your community.  We are looking for businesses to help us fund our programs to better serve childhood cancer patient needs. If you are part of an organization that hosts an annual fundraiser, consider nominating Megan’s Wings to benefit from your efforts. Money donated to Megan’s Wings helps families within your city and surrounding communities pay medical and household bills so parents can take needed time off work to care for their sick child. Click on our Share Your Idea link below to tell us about your Fundraiser ideas.

Corporate Volunteering

Monthly Giving

Monthly giving is another great way to help, as a business or individual to keep our programs running smoothly. All donations, big or small make a difference, and sends a strong message you care to a family needing to know they are not alone. Our monthly donors help fund our Gas Assistance Program that helps families fill the tank to get their child to regular treatment. They also buy groceries, pay for utilities and rent when parents are not able to work enough to pay the bills.  Consider making a $10, $50 or $100 monthly donation today to Megan's Wings. 

$10 buys a Starbucks Card for a parent needing a break

$25-50 buys a Gas Card to help get a child to treatment 

$100-$250 buys groceries when there is not enough to eat 

$500 helps keep utilities on and a roof over a family's head  

Employee Giving/Matching Gifts

Corporate Volunteering

We have worked with businesses like Kohl's, UPS, Geodis, and others who love to provide volunteers for our events. It's a great experience for your employees and we can really use the help at our bigger events.  Many corporate offices also will make a donation to the charity when their employees get involved. If your company has a similar employee volunteer program, signup below to see how we can partner to make a difference in our community. 


Employee Giving & Gift Matching 

Many companies have employee giving campaigns to encourage their employees to give back in their community. Other companies match dollar for dollar what their employees give to support their favorite charity. If your company has one of these programs, we'd love to be added to your charity list. Megan's Wings is a 501c3 charity and all donations big or small are 100% tax deductible and help fund our financial aid and service programs. We are on the employee giving campaign list for SCEdison, UPS Freight, Costco, AT&T, and Well's Fargo, and we'd love to be on your Company's Giving List too. Talk to your employer, then reach out to us through our Volunteer or Message link to see how we can become one of your Employee Giving or Matching Gift charities.  

Share Your Ideas
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Share your Ideas

We are looking for new ideas to help support children with cancer and help fundraise for Megan's Wings. If your company want to give back to your community and help families of children with cancer too, we want to hear your ideas!  Click on the link below to share your idea with us!

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