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2021 Adopt a Family is a Wrap!

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Thank you MW's Donors, you're the light our adopted families needed this holiday season!

Megan's Wings adopted 45 families this year for the holidays! Thanks to our many donors and volunteers who helped bring holiday joy and cheer to so many deserving families including Nancy who received a new adaptive tryke just before Christmas! Many pediatric oncology families have to cut back work hours to get their child to weekly Dr appts and care for them at home. Buying Christmas presents for their children can be a hardship when income has been slashed, and your already struggling to pay rent. Megan's Wings is proud to work with local businesses, families, and organizations to provide Christmas gifts, and financial support to these families. Gas, grocery and clothing gift cards help offset extra expenses in December, and kids gifts bring smiles and offer hope after a difficult year. Care packages were shipped to family's homes or delivered to their porch to help keep family's safe during the Omicron scare.


Ontario America Legion Post 112 went the extra mile for one of our deserving pediatric families. The whole crew showed up to deliver gifts to the Rodriguez family from Ontario.


One happy family shows off their adorable sweaters and cute smiles after receiving beautifully wrapped Christmas gifts that were graciously delivered to their home by a MW's donor.

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