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Meet Chahon - a budding artist!

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Chahon Robinson is a 10-year old boy who has been a fighter since age 2. As a toddler, he was diagnosed with Desmoid Tumors. These tumors are uncommon, typically grow slowly and are common in people between 15-65. Chahon's diagnosis at 2 was very unusual. Chahon went from having a single toe amputated to his foot being amputated leaving just the heel of his left foot!

Despite his journey, his mom Keshia shared that he is the smartest most loving kid. He loves playing Fortnite and other video games. Chahon loves to draw and considers himself an artist.

Keshia shared "I want to thank Megan's Wings again for the help they provided. We greatly appreciate it all " Megan's Wings is helping Chahon's family with rent & utilities for three months.


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