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Meet Bright Eyed Elias

Elias is an adorable 1 1/2 year old boy who is undergoing treatment for a rare cancer called Angiosarcoma. His mother shared, "Having a child with cancer is such an unexpected life circumstance. We have several weekly appointments including labs to ensure his counts are okay, and chemo 3 days straight every 3 wks. Our sweet boy has underwent 2 amputation surgeries, and sees several specialists." Transportation expenses were becoming a hardship living 25 miles from the hospital with multiple monthly appointments. Megan's Wings is helping Elias's family with 4 months of gas assistance to help ease some financial burden. "Your help to our family brought tears to my eyes", says Elias's Mom. "Our sweet Elias just finished his second round of chemo. He is so full of life and keeps us going. He was just fitted for his prosthetic!" Please keep little Elias in your prayers as he kicks cancer's butt and learns to walk with his new prosthetic leg.


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