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Meet Brooklynn!

Brooklynn is 9 months old and has been diagnosed with Retinoblastoma. She has gone through cryotherapy, Lazer, and Intra Arterial Chemotherapy. Even though her eye took some extra time healing from Chemotherapy she is so strong, silly, and snuggly! She loves to play with her 3 other sisters, play with her toys, eat snacks and cuddle! She is doing amazing during and after treatments, she sure is the definition of tiny but mighty!

Brooklynn and her family live in Central California and drive over 200 mi to get Brooklynn to her treatment several times per month. Megan's Wings Gas Assistance Programs helps Brooklynn's family manage the expensive gas prices by providing a $100 gas card to the family for 4 consecutive months. Brooklynn's mom shared, "we are so happy and so thankful we were approve for the Gas Program!"


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