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Meet Cole!

In 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, 9 year old Cole was diagnosed with T-Cell ALL Leukemia. Cole's little sister had just started virtual learning so both children required a parent to be with them. Cole has experienced many long hospital stays since 2020 and Cole's mom was forced to quit her job when her employee wouldn't work with their situation. Due to a compromised immune system Cole became isolated from friends and family, which was very lonely for him. He is doing great, however, his treatment will continue for another year and the hospital is one hour-45 minutes from home. Cole is such a tough kid who very rarely complains. He loves playing video games and building large lego sets!

Pediatric cancer families experience so many stressors including bills piling up. Cole's family has also experienced additional burdens. After finding black mold in their home, they were forced to leave due to Cole ‘s compromised immune system. They evacuated again during the recent Hemet wildfire and need maintenance and tires on both vehicles.

Debbie, Cole's mom shared "Megan's Wings has provided financial support during some of these difficult times giving us the ability to focus on Cole. We have seen the good in many people. We'd like to thank Megan's Wings for their kindness and generosity when our family needed it most. We promise to pay it forward one day after Cole rings the bell."


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