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Meet Savannah!

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Savannah, an incredibly sweet and kind 9-year-old girl who was diagnosed with malignant glioma, thalamus in January of 2021 lost her battle with cancer and gained her angel's wings before the holidays. Savannah was so strong and courageous and inspired others during her battle.

Savannah enjoyed singing and listening to music. She loved her kitties and puppy. Savannah's mother left her job after her daughter's diagnosis in order to be her primary caregiver. Their income was cut in half. Sarah, Savannah's mom, shared "What a blessing it was to have organizations like your team to help us worry

about one less thing during the storm." Megan's Wings

assisted the family with their mortgage so they could

focus on Savannah's care. Our thoughts and prayers are with Savannah's family as they mourn their sweet little girl.

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