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Mikah is doing great!!

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Best Smile Ever!

Mikah Carney was diagnosed with B-Cell ALL Leukemia in Sept 2018 and after 3 yrs of treatment, rang the remission bell on Nov 21, 2021, a happy day for the Carney family. Mikah enjoyed a year of normal 8 yr old fun with a Little League Championship under his belt and 3 gold medals in Jiu-Jitsu! Sept 25, 2022, was a dark day for the Carney family, when 9 yr old Mikah started experienced headaches, nausea, double vision & was lethargic. The Carney's received the heartbreaking news Mikah had relapsed. Guided by faith and much love, Mikah started cancer treatment a 2nd time, now as a high risk patient. On Friday, Nov 18, 2022, prayers were answered and the family received the best news possible, Mikah is back in remission!! Lots to celebrate for this sweet Ontario Family who is loved by so many. Please continue to pray for complete healing for Mikah has he continues down his 2 year BLIN treatment plan, and the family never has to hear the word "cancer" again.

Megan's Wings has supported Mikah's family during his 1st cancer journey and has provided gas and grocery assistance for the family.


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