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MW's is partnering with Cal Assist to bring no-cost meals to cancer patients!

Megan's Wings is partnering with an organization called Cal Assist this year to help match patients with no-cost services through their health plan and community partners including healthy meals delivered to their door!

We believe partners make us stronger and allow us to better serve SoCal's pediatric oncology community. There are many no-cost services available through an initiative called Cal Aim that was adopted in 2022, but many people don't know about these services or how to apply for them. Cal Assist was brought onboard in November and took a cumbersome application and turned it into a 1-2 min survey to see if a person qualifies. They're also partnering with non-profit foundations to help enroll patients to these free services. Megan's Wings is working closely with hospital clinical social workers to help enroll the pediatric cancer community in this no-cost program to help them qualify for healthy meals and other services they may need.

Currently, CalOptima and IEHP Health Plans have joined this initiative to bring these services to their patients. Kaiser Permanente is expected to join soon as well as other Health Plans. All cancer patients who currently have a covered health plan will qualify for 12 weeks of meals delivered to your home, renewable for 4 years if qualifying condition exists. Other families members who struggle with a chronic illness or mental health issues may also qualify. To see if you or your family member qualifies, scan the QR code and complete the 1-2 min survey. A new survey must be completed for each family member trying to qualify. For questions or learn more, contact us at


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