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Meet Xander!

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Prayer Request for Xander

Last Thanksgiving 2022, Tracy, mom to Alexander (Xander), received the most devastating news; her little boy had relapsed. Please keep this sweet little guy and his loving Mom in your prayers as he faces Leukemia for a 2nd time. "I am a single mom and Xander was first diagnosed with leukemia when he was two. Those years of treatment during a pandemic everything was on my shoulders. I quit my job. I had to stay away from my friends when I needed them most, no one could come sit with me and Xander when he got outpatient chemo, every hospitalization was just the two us. Watching him go thru that was heartbreaking. I put all my energy into being the best care taker that I could be, giving him his meds, taking him to treatments, making sure he eats healthy food, explaining to a lonely kid why he can’t see his cousins. I thought that was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do."

And then he relapsed this Thanksgiving...

This boy is my entire life and I just pray every day that I get to see him grow up. Please add Xander and his Mom, Tracy to your daily prayers. They have another long road ahead of them, but Xander is brave and strong, and his Mom will help him get through anything life throws his way.


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