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St Paddy's Day Made a Big Splash!

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Our 20th Annual St Patty's Day Fundraiser with Ontario Fire was held on Thursday, March 17th, and was a huge success! Returning to this event's roots, we headed back to El Torito Mexican Grill in Ontario. Many long time sponsors, city officials and retired firefighters made it out to the full day event to enjoyed lunch or dinner, St Patty's merchandise, a fun raffle and outstanding online silent auction to help raise money for kids with cancer! It was fun to be back in person after waiting 2 yrs for a live event. Special thanks to our sponsors, the outstanding firefighter and Just Serve volunteers, Beverly Craft for donating delicious caramel apples and all who came out to enjoy festivities and give. With your help we raised over $50,000 to help fund our Patient Aid & Gas Assistance Programs, helping families with household bills and gas to get their child to treatment.


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