Megan's Wings can benefit from your grocery shopping!

Updated: Nov 10

Ralph's Grocery Store has a Community Rewards program and Megan's Wings just became Ralph's newest charity! Shop at Ralph's? Consider selecting Megan's Wings as your charity to support!

Similar to the AmazonSmiles program, Ralph's gives a small percentage of a customer's grocery total to their selected charity. We're excited to give our supporters a new way to support Megan's Wings that doesn't cost a penny, but is a big win for Megan's Wings! See below steps to signup.

Step 1 - To participate, visit

Step 2 - Log in to your Ralph's account. New users will need to create an account which requires some basic info, email address and a rewards card.

Step 3 - Once signed in, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Under COMMUNITY, click on Kroger Community Rewards. (Ralph's is owned by Kroger)

Step 4 - Search for MEGAN'S WINGS INC or use our Non-profit #: UU536, then click save.

Step 5 - Every time you use your loyalty card or type in your alternate ID phone number, you'll be supporting Megan's Wings! Thank you for your support and happy shopping!