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Spotlight on Angel Flight West

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

We have recently reconnected with Angel Flight West, a great non-profit, who helps patients reach appointments out of their area or out of state. We'd like to highlight the great work they are doing and share the amazing service they provide for patients with transportation needs.

Angel Flight West delivers health and hope to those in need of donated flights to access healthcare and other compelling human needs. Angel Flight West links volunteer pilots and commercial airlines with people whose non-emergency health needs require air transportation to access care. With a network of over 2,000 volunteers throughout twelve western states, Angel Flight West has completed over 90,000 missions since 1983. Their volunteer pilots provide time and resources to serve each mission, and Angel Flight West passengers are never and will never be charged for any service.

Flights can be requested by a healthcare professional, a social worker, a family member, or by the individual themselves. Angel Flight West provides air travel within and across 12 western states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. Your flights will be scheduled to accommodate your medical appointment.

Passengers must be medically stable, able to walk, fly in a non-pressurized plane, and be able to sit up in a seat with a seatbelt fastened around them. We will need a medical release from your physician before your trip. Though their flights are generally 900 miles or fewer, they can sometimes accommodate longer flights, especially for passengers in Alaska.

To learn more, visit their website at: or call 1-888-426-2643.

Thanks Angel Flight West for providing a great service for patients in need of care outside their immediate area. Keep up the great work!


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