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Thank You Emerald Hope Foundation

Updated: May 11, 2022

Emerald Hope Foundation is a non-profit foundation based out of Orange County who serves to unite a community of families affected by cancer for the purpose of funding cancer research and agencies providing support to cancer patients and their loved ones. In 2020, Emerald Hope had selected Megan's Wings to benefit from their fundraising efforts! Yeah... however, with the pandemic, all events were cancelled. Finally, on Aug 16, after 2 previous cancellations, they were able to have their 1st Annual golf tournament, and our founders, Kim and Dave Savage were able to attend. A successful Virtual Raffle added to the proceeds and they were able to donate $14,000 for Megan's Wings to help fund our programs and services for families of children with cancer. Together we are stronger! Thanks, Emerald Hope Foundation for your support to Megan's Wings and the many childhood cancer families who will benefit from your generous donation!


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