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Friday Jeans Day!

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

After meeting Megan's grandpa at the 2019 Megan's Run for a Cure in her Upland neighborhood, Mary Rozina wanted to do something to help kids with cancer so she created a Friday Jeans Day at work for her employees at Rozina and Smith Physical Therapy in Upland. What a fun and simple way to raise money for kids with cancer. Employees put $5 into the donation jar to wear jeans on Friday, and within no time, the crew raised $450 for the kids! However...there is a deeper story here. Shortly after meeting Megan's grandpa, one of Mary's employees son, Ryan, was diagnosed with AML Leukemia, and Megan's Wings was there for his family during the toughest times. Megan's Wings helped Ryan's family with gas and grocery cards for several months while Mom missed work caring for Ryan in and out of the hospital. Little did Mary know her wish to help would benefit someone so close to her. Ryan is finished with treatment and doing well and this is a beautiful story of the circle of life...

Norma - Ryan's Mom (left), Kim Savage (Co-Founder & Megan's Mom), Mary Rozina (right)


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